A comparison between wordsworths upon westminster bridge and blakes london

In reality, the truth is probably somewhere in between these two representations, though through the biased eyes of these two poets, the true variation that London has to offer is displayed magnificently. Quite easily this shows that Blake feels that each person he meets is trapped and is desperately unhappy, but because of their mindset they have to stay like that, this could be seen as the governments doing if the rest of the poem is taken into account.


The time of day at which both poems were written reflects the difference in attitude towards London. Wordsworth constantly uses natural metaphors in his poems, and often explores nature as a theme, which makes the city of London sound elegant and pure.

These references support the idea that nature and the city are working harmoniously side by side, and occasionally intertwining to an advantage.

The exclamatory punctuation seen at the end helps contribute to the generally exciting and enthusiastic aura. One such example can be seen in the description of the river Thames. There are many reasons why the two poems vary so fiercely, but ultimately the ideas contradict, and they will never change.

In addition to this, in the following stanza, he refers to how the people are trapped mentally, and refers greatly to restrictions. It is most probably quite significantly exaggerated, but nonetheless it still adds to the overall tone of the poem and produces quite a remarkable mechanical tone to the overall poem.

Not only does this create a dark and gloomy image, but it is also the time of day commonly associated with the criminal side of cities when the likes of prostitutes are more likely to be seen. The impressions that both poets aim to make are entirely different, a factor that is reflected in the type of language used.

This presents a rather spacious and welcoming image about London, however this contrasts greatly to how Blake sets out to present London. London was a very religious city during this period and to have a very influential institute being in such a state of disrepair and being so crooked and corrupt puts an even more negative slant on his poem.

He appears to suggest that the diseased and impoverished lifestyle that they all lead will ultimately end in mental anguish and inability to be free. He uses negative similes and very negative imagery of the senses to cultivate the tapestry of the dismal cityscape. A sight so touching in its majesty: This shows us house he feels the government has too much power over London and controls to much.

With London being a carefree and calm place, where the people are the heart of the city and they make it as beautiful as it is, a city with breathtaking architecture, and an intricate and effective society, a city with soul and character that is pure and fresh and clean.

Both poets set out to write a poem about London and both came out with very influential pieces, and looked together they are most effective I think because one can compare the two and make valued judgments based on the two. Also other elements of nature are apparent when the poem is looked into more deeply, he includes many little words or phrases that are linked completely or subtly with nature, and puts them into perfect balance with London.

In lines Wordsworth makes the link between nature and the industrious cityscape. However, Blake appears to leave potentially the most dark and potent line of them all till the end; And blights with plague s the marriage hearse.

Marriage was frequently seen as the most sacred of vows, yet here it is, in the most poignant of statements, perhaps a symbolism of the decayed and general corruption of the London life. However, contrast this with Blake, who appears to have constructed his poem at nightfall.

In the first stanza he draws comparisons to how weak and depressed the people he meets are.You may like to compare Upon Westminster Bridge to London by William Blake.

Comparison. The River Thames. If this poem is considered alongside William Blake's London, the differing attitudes are.

William Blake's "London" and Wordsworth's "Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, " are both about London. Blake's poem is four stanzas. Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast "London" by William Blake and "Composed upon Westminster Bridge" by William Wordsworth.' and find homework help for other Composed upon Westminster Bridge.

The two poems ‘London’ and ‘Composed upon Westminster Bride’, offer differing views on the city of London. Blake presents London as lifeless, dismal and monotonous, whereas Wordsworth’s London is. William Blake and William Wordsworth are two poets that have a few very different views on life and the world.

And quite a few close similarities, particularly their writing style, as in they way express their thoughts. William Wordsworth was born on 7 April in Cockermouth, Cumberland, in the. Compare and Contrast the depiction of London in Wordsworth’s Upon Westminster Bridge and Blake’s London Essay Wordsworth traditionally wrote poems of a rural theme, focussing particularly on nature and the natural world; this can be related to the fact that he spent most of his life living in the Lake District and so it is a little unusual.

A comparison between wordsworths upon westminster bridge and blakes london
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