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But how do we know that he betrayed our country just our of anger? Neither side knew for some days that the other was in agreement with that offer, due to difficulties in getting the messages across the lines.

He knew that he was distrusted and disliked by senior military officers on both sides.

They devised a scheme to undermine their adversary and to simultaneously obtain extensive lands from the local Indians. When his scheme was detected by the timely capture of Andre, he fled to the British at New York, a disgraced and hated traitor.

After Schuyler had been superseded by Gates, Arnold was placed in command of the left wing of the army on Bemis heights.

Arnold wrote of him: He later said in his own defense that he was loyal to his true beliefs, yet he lied at the same time by insisting that Peggy was totally innocent and ignorant of his plans.

His bravery won him the respect of many people. The Continental Congress appointed five new major generals.

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For his gallantry he was now made brigadier-general. It was during his apprenticeship where he learned many trades from Dr. By early July, he was back in Philadelphia, where he wrote another secret message to Clinton Benedict arnold paper July 7 which implied that his appointment to West Point was assured and that he might even provide a "drawing of the works Minor sachems Ponham Benedict arnold paper Sacononoco had some control of the lands at Pawtuxet and Shawomet, and Arnold, acting as interpreter, took these chieftains to Governor Winthrop in Boston and had them submit themselves and their lands Benedict arnold paper Massachusetts, claiming that the sale of Shawomet to Gorton was done "under duress.

He spent most of his remaining years as a merchant in the West Indies trade. In order to realize these ambitious dreams, Arnold resorted to the blackest treachery.

Edward Stennett of London, "Our Governor died the 19th day of June,buried 20th day, all this island was invited, many others was there, judged near a thousand people, brother Hiscox spoke there excellently led forth, I praise God.

A court martial cleared him of most of the charges, but had General Washington reprimand him. Despite his heroic service, Arnold felt he did not receive the recognition he deserved. Wolsey later became the Lord Cardinal and Primate of England. This victory marked a turning point in the American Revolutionary War.

Due to his high rank and excellent performance on the battlefield it seemed most unlikely that Arnold would defect to the other side. His life has been written by Sparks in vol. Arnold clamored for a speedy trial, but Reed succeeded in delaying it several months under pretence of collecting evidence.

After his mother insisted that he return home, he ran away for a second time. He marched his men hard through the Maine wilderness, overcame leaky boats, spoiled provisions, and treacherous rivers and near starvation to reach Quebec.

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He was given a light reprimand by General Washington, which heightened his sense of betrayal, but he had already opened negotiations with the British before his court martial began.

In the spring of he conducted a plundering expedition into Virginia. This meeting was thwarted when British gunboats in the river fired on his boat, not being informed of his impending arrival.

He was enrolled in a private school in nearby Canterbury, Connecticut when he was 10, with the expectation that he would eventually attend Yale University. Arnold was now pro-rooted to the rank of major-general and presented by congress with a fine horse, but his relative rank was not restored.

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General Parsons laid it aside, seeing a letter written as a coded business discussion. Above all, he needed tact, patience, and fairness in dealing with a people deeply marked by months of enemy occupation. They were opposed by Wooster with men, and a skirmish ensued, in which that general was slain.

But this marriage was short lived because the next year Margaret caught a disease and died. Enos, who deserted and returned to Massachusetts with men and the greater part of the provisions. Yes, he was a traitor, but he was also one of the best generals we had.

Benedict Arnold

Stung by the injustice he had suffered, and influenced by history surroundings, Arnold made up his mind to play a part like that which Gen.

In his famous book, the seven hidden reason why employees leave, Leigh Branham explains that people who feel devalued and unrecognized wander away from the objectives of the institution and eventually leave the institution with a vindictive and frustrated view of the group[footnoteRef: None of these officers had rendered services at all comparable to his, and, coming as it did so soon after his heroic conduct on Lake Champlain, this action of congress naturally incensed him.

Gates was not on the field, and deserves no credit whatever.Benedict Arnold’s Oath of Allegiance - InBenedict Arnold, like all military officers, swore allegiance to his country.

France had as yet done but little for us, our southern army had been annihilated, our paper money had become worthless, our credit abroad had hardly begun to exist. Oct 28,  · Benedict Arnold was born to a successful business man in at Norwich Connecticut[footnoteRef:1]; he earned himself the position of an army general in American Revolutionary war after achieving great victories for the Continental Army and exhibited great leadership, valor and warfare expertise.

Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold was different: a military hero for both sides in the same war. No general was more imaginative that Arnold, no field officer more daring, no soldier more courageous, yet Arnold is known, not as a hero is but as a villain.

English Composition term papers (paper ) on Benedict Arnold: No other American is remembered quite the same as Benedict Arnold. He was a brave soldier, a patriot- and a traitor. Benedict was bo. Term paper Watch video · Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut, on January 14, A member of the Sons of Liberty, Arnold rose to the rank of general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

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- Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold was different: a military hero for both sides in the same war. No general was more imaginative that Arnold, no field officer more daring, no soldier more courageous, yet Arnold is known, not as a hero is but as a villain.

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