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Avery always lived in the shadows of her older sisters. I promise you, there is so much more to this story! He has an ongoing relationship with seven different women, who each see him on separate days of the week, except for Sundays, which is the day of the week he devotes to his older sister.

Because I wanted you. Turns out she happens to know her new boss better than most people. He would offer her advice when she turned to him for help. It was angsty, hilarious, and downright steamy!!

The two have this strong chemistry between them and even though it seems their relationship has turned volatile, you just know this is going to be a hotter than hell enemies-to-lovers romance.

Even with his skewed outlook on his no strings relationships, he was never portrayed as a heartless, cheating whore. The women he spent time with were very different in many ways and he appreciated them for their individuality. She will be the executive assistant of one of the VPs of the company.

But was Lucas always this cavalier with his interactions with women? Lucas was battling some intense feelings for Avery, and she was just as into him, if not more. Lucas is a very attractive and successful businessman, who has a strong aversion to commitment.

But the heat between these two only intensifies and I was unable to put this book down until I could get to the very last page. What happened in the past severely messed with his head and it becomes clear that it affected him deeply.

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Lucas was always like a big brother to Avery. I loved both Lucas and Avery. She had a huge crush on Lucas and dreamed that he would fall in love with her instead of her older sister. Lucas Thorne, however, is a "cheater" that will slowly but surely win your heart as you progress through the pages of this thoroughly engaging story.

They were best friends. She ends up finding a paid internship. She never thought she measured up to them. Because even when it was wrong—and you were only seventeen years old—I wanted you. Little did she know that she might have been the only woman that ever truly owned his heart and that the truth about what happened that night before the wedding, had never been what her sister had claimed.

Lucas was a seriously swoon-worthy and charming Hero. He was there to wipe her tears whenever someone hurt her feelings. For some reason every woman is fine with this setup and even when they end up choosing to break things off, it always ends amicably.

Back in the day, Lucas and Avery were very close. Avery was a total spitfire and I loved the heated banter between her and Lucas.About Us and posting issues: All posts in the site are the opinion of their authors, we do not represent that any information is true, use your own discretion. Feb 02,  · Good book cheating site?

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As a consequence, students feel inclined to perform above average in school. - Book Report on Reviving Ophelia In this book therapist Mary Pipher writes about her experiences at work with adolescent girls. It is intended to make the reader aware of the perils of being a teenager in today's sexualized and media-saturated culture.

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Cheater is a book all about perspective. It's not exactly what the title suggests (even if it kind of was maybe a little). Lucas Thorn made a mistake. A big one.

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And since that day years ago, he's given up trying to be the golden boy he once was and is now being the exact opposite. And it works until Avery Black appears in his life again/5.

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