Causes of underdevelopment

Terrorism is another cause of underdevelopment, where terrorism exists the process of development stopped. The reason behind the underdevelopment of underdeveloped states is the lack of determination, if people and the Government work together for the better future of their nation they can do, but problem is this who to start and where to start because the system is very weak.

Certain political funding practices that are legal in one place may be illegal in another. This Causes of underdevelopment a sad record for Latin America and Caribbean most of its countries constituted themselves as nation states afterunder the liberal ideals of equality, liberty and fraternity.

The answer to the question "What is development? These were then transported to the European nations in charge of the respective countries. Though it these initial states were very weak and loosely held together by the remnants of communalism, it began the merging of ethnic groups into wider identifications.

With the industrial revolution and slave revolts, there was no longer profit to be gained from the slave trade so in the slave trade was abolished in favor of legitimate commerce and a new economic role for Africa.

They are shown as "unemployed" in the system.

What is underdevelopment?

A system of communalism was in place, which was set up on the basis of reciprocity, equal access to land, and equal distribution of goods within the kinship. Theoretical considerations at this time of "cold war" explained the situation of underdevelopment and the path for development from the viewpoint of western or socialist metropoles.

In such countries, as Asia, Africa and Latin America where financial problems and Economic stagnancy exist, people lived below the poverty line. There are a number of characteristics of an underdeveloped country. Power is the ultimate determinant in human society, being basic to the relations within any group and between groups.

These men not only risk their lives to protect the region from poachers and armed militant groups impeding on its territory, those representing Virunga were facing battle to Causes of underdevelopment the park against the the proposal of oil production by the British corporation, SOCO.

In short, when confronted with printed materials, functionally illiterate adults cannot function effectively in modern society, and cannot adequately perform fundamental tasks such as filling out an employment application; understanding a legally-binding contract; following written instructions; reading a newspaper article; reading traffic signs; consulting a dictionary; or understanding a bus schedule.

Some causes of deforestation in Africa include: Family planning, however, has yet to be a success in Third World nations. High rate of population growth. Existence of large unemployment. The causes of underdevelopment in developing countries include:Causes of Underdevelopment and Development: There are three main schools of scholars that discuss the reasons of underdevelopment in the third world and they also try and provide specific frameworks for overcoming those problems and heading towards a developed state.

Causes of Economic Dependency When considering the causes of economic underdevelopment and dependency on the part of African countries, it is important to remember that this distinction is the explicit result of exploitation at the hands of colonizers. May 03,  · Causes Of Underdevelopment INTRODUCTION: There are so many causes of under development, some of those discuss here.

Causes of under development are not same in all under developing nation states, somewhere corruption is the major cause, somewhere lack in resources are the major cause, and somewhere wrong policies are the major cause Author: Read Think And Lead.

As to the causes of dependence. the cause of underdevelopment is the dependence on industrialized countries while internal factors of developing countries are considered irrelevant or seen as symptoms and consequences of dependence/5(1).


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Causes of underdevelopment
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