Circus animal cruelty essays

Today our children learn early in school, and through such programs as on Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel, that wild animals live complex and fascinating lives, and have natural instincts, developed over thousands of years.

Since the s circuses have been responsible for over human injuries worldwide. I ignored it and predicted that all the dents in their skin came from practices. The circus industry claims that it only trains animals to do the types of tricks they might naturally perform in the wild.

In there, I also witnessed with my own eyes how they remove the skin of these poor animals to import their skins towards a company that make our clothing: Magicians tricked us with their slick hand movements, acrobats showed their flexibility, and trainers chained the elephants and other animals—forcefully—and locked them up into a gas chamber.

Costumed bears lying on their backs spinning giant balls, tigers jumping through flames, or elephants walking on their hind legs then balancing on their heads, are not natural behaviors. Circus Cruelty Enjoy the Circus? Circus animals are confined virtually all of their lives in barren conditions, while forced to suffer extreme physical and psychological deprivation: I could have halted the scientist and made him stop whatever action he was to commit.

Cirque du Soleil travels nation-wide performing spectacular theme-based shows with magnificent costumes and acrobatics. In reality, animals live their lives looking for food, sleeping, or raising their babies.

In short, traveling animal acts perpetuate animal cruelty, inhumane care, public safety hazards and distorted images of wildlife. How you can help Support local animal-free circuses: Read more circus facts Attacks on and injuries of humans Conservation or profit?

Enjoy the Circus? The Animals Don't.

For the animals, life is a monotonous and brutal routine of boredom, stress and pain. A captive life in the circus for elephants consists of shackles measuring as little as five feet in length.

Circuses are not required by law to carry emergency euthanasia equipment and local law enforcement agencies may be forced to deal with a loose animal. Wild animal acts also pose a significant threat to public health and safety: When kids see the negative messages circuses send, it completely contradicts these lessons.

Ask these stores to stop supporting circuses with animal acts. I could not believe I would actually see a real monkey juggles three balls or tiger jumps inside a ring.

One of the scientist came and grabbed one of the mice.

Temper arose, vessel popping out of my hands, I stood there staring at the mouse he shot.Poor Treatment of Circus Animals Essays Words | 3 Pages. Poor Treatment of Circus Animals The life of a circus animal is hard and demanding.

It is not an acceptable way of life for an animal. Circuses would quickly lose their appeal if the public were more aware of their mistreatments of these animals. After the circus, we had to go to one of laboratory that does unusual circumstances that dealt involving science. There were mice/rats, monkeys, rabbits, and other type of animals that were trapped in a.

- Describe the Essay Topic This essay proposes to investigate the ethics of training, and subsequently utilising, circus animals for the purpose of human entertainment. Therefore, the essay will respond to the question “what moral or ethical obligations do humans have in respect of other animals.

Animals in captivity don't have to try to find food amongst the many other animals, and risk starvation. They don't have the risk of a predator killing them, or the risk of a lost battle over their prey.

Animals Used for Entertainment

Animals in captivity are also monitored by veterinarians. If the circus is a respectable, decent circus the animals will be taken care of. Animal Cruelty Essay. Animal cruelty is any act of violence or neglect against an animal. A few things one may have seen are an animal tied up outside for all hours of the day with no food or water or maybe a person has seen an owner purposely hit their dog.

A circus can be adequately amusing without involving animals, and it should remain so. To set this prohibition in motion, only support animal-free circuses and spread awareness of the cruelty. Eliminate animal cruelty, eliminate needless suffering, eliminate worldly issues one by one.

Circus animal cruelty essays
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