Comparison of antz

The colony really is a bunch of, forgive this term,…sheep. Positive Messages Very clearly promotes individualism and thinking for yourself.

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Two couples flirt, fall in love, and kiss. Consumerism In "Insectopia" a paradise for bugs, we see the remains of garbage: I guess that Comparison of antz my main problem with this movie.

There is a hive-mind way of thinking in the colony, as expected. Nothing major, obviously, though. There are many deaths: There never seemed to be any moments where it seemed funny or unnatural….

Pixar vs. DreamWorks Animation: Comparing the CGI Giants

One ant is identified as a drunk, and others worry they may have had "too much to drink" upon occasion. The art and animation were also…. Maybe because I never liked Woody Allen, but he is just so damned annoying, and he really is just Woody Allen as an ant.

Language A few insults --"idiot," "maggot," "tight-ass" -- and some swearing: The villain is a military officer -- one of his assistants regains his "humanity" and joins forces with the heroes.

Other characters are blown to smithereens or turned to ash. They hit it off, but are torn apart by the horrific norms of society. Z, the leading male character, is initially self-involved and ineffectual -- his character learns important lessons and finally uses all the resources at hand to save the day.

I never grew to like Z. Always prattling on about how everyone just does what their told and never thinks for themselves and— Yeah that. Z is a worker ant who feels like a nobody.

Part of a huge colony where hardly anyone has a real identity or personality, Z wants to break away from all of them and be his own ant. Blindly following orders proves to be fatal. The animation is good, though. Some different good No annoying child ants! They change their attitudes so quickly back and forth that you nearly get whiplash at how quickly they turned on their almighty hero Z in order to follow the antagonist.

Their lifeless bodies are shown on the remnants of the battlefield. Stay up to date on new reviews. It works okay, but that art, especially where Weaver was involved, looked claymation-ish.

Ooh what a rebel. In addition, their productions were going at at the same time.Apr 13,  · Parents need to know that Antz is an animated comedy that will have lots of appeal for teens and adults, especially for fans of Woody Allen's brand of humor -- ironic social commentary and perpetual worry.

However, the 3/5. Antz vs. Anthem essaysThe movie Antz and the book Anthem are really similar in the way that they have the same theme.

In both of them we can see two characters (Z and Equality ) that emerge from society and suddenly realize that out there, there is a better reality. They live oppressed, wishin.

Jul 15,  · With Marvel's Ant-Man hitting theaters this week, I thought I'd highlight some of the coolest ant movies I & Bug's Life Don't forget to Like and. CHV 2O0 «ANTZ»: A Comparison of the Different Leadership Styles Character Describe the beliefs and values of each char act er What was each character’s goal/plan.

Film by film comparison. Antz is also a child hood memory of mine but not as big as Toy Story.

That is my best childhood memory ever. There is however the bad side of both studios. For one thing Cars was a passable film but still a huge disappointment for me. Bugs Life was good but really wasn't a PIXAR masterpiece.

Dreaming of Dreamworks: Antz Review

Oct 02,  · Watch video · ANTZ is not bad, far from it. The animation is very well done (to this untrained, unschooled eye) and the voices well-acted (and maybe Woody wasn't so much acting as being Woody).

The feel-good plot was Disney/10(K).

Comparison of antz
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