How to write a loki fanfiction christmas

How could that be a bad thing? Surely ruling must require a great deal if you wish to do it well. His head is tilted back slightly, his eyes closed. Dec 31, Add.

Lots of brotherly bonding time with dashes of FrostIron here and there.

⭕Loki Imagines⭕

You had to admit, you killed in missions before, too; but they deserved to die. To say they were surprised to see Loki step out along with Tony was an understatement. This was important and he was completely in the right here, even if no one else was likely to agree.

You stretched your arms and yawned. Loki politely took his leave and left. Why would I kill my idiot brother around this time? But I know you low-key care about me," you giggled again. Bor narrowed his eyes.

Did I miss something? When Tony was called down to the lobby of his tower, he was not sure what to expect, but he definitely did not anticipate the sight of the God of Mischief. There was a translucent man, likely a spirit, with a long reddish beard and a ram-horn helmet.

He is a good man but he lacks your subtleties. I was right as always. Christmas is about family, and Thor is pretty much the only one here with family. Your lips parted and you turned to find the Avengers taking pictures.

Do the math, Stark, or are you too stupid to connect the dots yourself? Loki knew him at once though, of course, they had never met.

I know who he is," you crossed your arms. More than Thor, he was trying to save the whole realm. But, Loki was definitely nowhere near normal. I fear he would not wish to stand against me as he would you if he disagreed with the counsel he was being given.

If not, then you really should be more observant of the weather. You smiled at him and yawned, already feeling sleepy. These people spent just as much time with Thor as he did. Tony felt like he was on the verge of a stroke. Tony instantly wished he could disappear right then and there.

What can go wrong? A little warning would be nice," Loki said, a bit waspishly. Loki presses the correct button, which instantly causes the doors to close. He is young yet and we will all be there to support him. After a while, he eventually fell asleep, too.

He would if he had to but surely there was a better way. Sif glared at him. You looked at him angrily and removed his hand from your face.A multi-chapter fanfiction series involving Loki and a female servant (reader) While imprisoned in Asgard, Loki becomes intrigued with his mysterious yet simple new servant that attends to.

From an Imagine I posted on Loki Imagines site and I decided to write my first fanfic and in English. Imagine Loki proposing on the 12h day of Christmas after gifting his beloved a gold chain bracelet as well as a charm a day.

FanFiction | unleash Follow/Fav Loki Visits the Avengers: Christmas Time. By: "Friends," Thor said, letting go of Loki and wrapping an arm around the slender god, "this is my first Christmas as well as Loki's.

I thought it was only most appropriate to invite my brother here to join us in our festivities. After all, Christmas is about.

Read Christmas Special from the story ⭕Loki Imagines⭕ by JazzyJess1 (Jess) with reads. imagines, loki, ragnarok. ⭕Loki Imagines⭕ Fanfiction. In honor of Thor: Ragnarok, I've decided to write Loki imagines (even though Thor is the main protagonist).

There will. FanFiction | unleash Loki's Christmas Carol. Loki was sitting in the library and reading up on Frost Giants. He had never been as interested in Frost Giants and the Great War as Thor had been.

He had no love for them but straight-up battles were much more to Thor's liking than his own. He was proud of his father for the victory, certainly. This is my first fan fiction and English isn’t my mother language so tell me what you think.

Language: English Words: 9, Christmas Fluff; Canon-Typical Violence; Loki suddenly perked up and looked at his husband, “wait you go to Europe?”.

How to write a loki fanfiction christmas
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