Overpopulation in their country essay

You should write at least words. Most developing nations have large number of people who are illiterate, live below the poverty line and have little or no knowledge about family planning. Solutions to Overpopulation Better Education: The terribly higher population density, poverty, unemployment and other social problems have already made it tough for Asian and African countries to progress and the increasing population growth Overpopulation in their country essay the future even more uncertain there.

One of the best way is to let them know about various safe sex techniques and contraceptives methods available to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. Overpopulation is caused by number of factors. The level of living decreases dues to pollution, traffic, noise, inadequate housing and lack of own space. Reducing birth rates by utilizing different strategies is the most prominent of these ideas.

What is Overpopulation?

Each year million humans in underdeveloped countries die of starvation or illnesses related to it. The city and country is so busy putting money out of its budget into feeding the people and trying to keep some kind of decent standard of living that all the things required for a developing country are neglected.

Overpopulation, in my belief, is an enormously serious global issue that should be identified, analyzed, and controlled immediately. In a word, this means that demographically India is running so fast that economically she has to stand still.

This method works by making birth control pills easily accessible, providing places for termination of pregnancies to occur, and helping people become more knowledgeable about abortions and contraception Commoner.

They even have special services done by the government that allows women in Bangladesh to purchase loans which in turns allows them to set up there very own businesses, this however small does slowly help to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Tax Benefits or Concessions: One country suffering such problems is Bangladesh and its hugely overpopulated capital city of Dhaka. Overpopulation in developing countries puts a major strain on the resources it should be utilizing for development.

It causes more diseases to spread and makes them harder to control. Overpopulation causes a complex set of problems that negatively affect the quality of life, increase crime, pollution and corruption. Unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, poverty, malnutrition, low literacy rates and high competition already make the citizens suffer a lot and if the population growth is not controlled, it will make things worse day by day.

Developing nations face the problem of overpopulation more than developed countries, but it affects most of the Earth as of now. Overpopulation, on the other hand, puts a strain on the available resources, hinders economic growth, disturbs the food and water supply, and exhausts the available fuel.

Though the overall population remains the same, it just affects the density of population making that place simply overcrowded. As far as resources are concerned, it is apparent that the era of cheap energy, adequate amounts of food, and necessary open spaces is coming to an end.

However, none of these have made a dent on the population. Poverty is the biggest hallmark we see when talking about overpopulation. Melting of polar ice caps, changing climate patternsrise in sea level are few of the consequences that we might we have to face due to environment pollution.

One of these has been the ability to save lives and create better medical treatment for all.

It is possible for a sparsely populated area to become densely populated if it is not able to sustain life. Get Access Overpopulation In Less Developed Countries Essay Sample Thomas Malthus was a schoolmaster economist whose main purpose in publishing a book on population was to argue against the indiscriminate use of social welfare.

At the root of overpopulation is the difference between the overall birth rate and death rate in populations. Overpopulation is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth.Overpopulation is a serious problem that will eventually have an extremely negative effect on our countries, and our planet.

Overpopulation Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. because of poverty (Commoner). Poverty stricken nations will double in human count in twenty years if they continue at their present rate. One hundred twenty years is the. - Overpopulation While overpopulation is a problem that plagues many developing nations, it would be wrong to assume that it is their main problem, or that the countering of overpopulation should receive priority above all else.

Indonesians were moved to West Papua under the guise of easing the overpopulation in their country (Nietschmann, ). The transmigration had adverse effects to the Papuans because their properties were expropriated without them receiving any compensation for it.

Short Essay on Problem of Overpopulation in India

Effects of over population in Mexico City There are parts of the world that have an alarming overpopulation rate, one of these locations is Mexico city which is located in the Federal District, Capital of the Country of Mexico.

When the country population reaches its highest level possible, a lot of problems immediately appear. In case the population growth exceeds all reasonable limits, serious consequences will be follow and some of them you may describe in your overpopulation cause and effect essay.

Overpopulation In Less Developed Countries Essay Sample

This is an example essay on Overpopulated Cities: Many countries throughout the world have the problem of overpopulated cities but none more than those countries that are still developing themselves.

This problematic nature of increasing overpopulation in the cities of developing countries is the biggest global problem needing to be addressed in the 21st century, and will continually need to.

Overpopulation in their country essay
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