Pengertian reporting editing writing and media

Discussion includes the legal issues triggered by story framing, selection of sources, interviewing, photography and access to information. Seminar on problems of communicating news through aural and visual channels.

B.A. in Journalism: News Reporting and Editing

Research seminar that examines techniques and processes used in managing media organizations. Structure and function of international communication systems and barrier to flow of information among nations.

History and philosophy of laws pertaining to free press and free speech. The course reading and research using primary legal materials.

Examination of the functions and impact of the mass media in society with primary focus on the United States. Behavioral study of nature, operation, molding, and influence of public opinion, with practice in its measurement and evaluation. Study of the major newspapers of the world, international news agencies, and international broadcasting and satellite networks.

Application of communications theory to broadcast news and public affairs presentations. Discussion of major political, social, economic, and cultural problems. Critical analysis of the relationship of the media and society and the effect of political, economic, and cultural factors on the operation of the media.

Stresses responsibilities and freedoms in a democratic communications systems. Through discussions, case analysis, and group projects, the course explores organizational missions and social responsibilities, market analysis techniques, personnel management issues, and budgeting. ENG-W or its equivalent with a grade of C— or higher, and fundamental computer skills.

Origin, growth, shortcomings, and achievements of media. Application of those theories to photography, video, and computer graphic design in news communication. At least sophomore standing. Discussion of the values of media organizations and the professional and ethical values of journalists.

American social-intellectual history integrated with the story of news media development, emphasizing the historical relationship of the mass media to American social, economic, and cultural patterns and developments. Junior or senior standing. Working seminar stressing the creation of journalistic stories for diverse audiences.

Study of effects of format, verbal content, nonverbal content, and presenter on communication process. Topical seminar dealing with changing subjects and materials from term to term.

Emphasis on gathering and disseminating information around the world. Students study the law relating to the content of news media and the processes by which that content is created. Students will learn to develop story ideas, gather information, combine visual and verbal messages, and to write and edit news.

Online journalism : reporting, writing, and editing for new media

Issues and Research 3 cr. Impact of society on the media and vice versa. Censorship, libel, contempt, obscenity, right of privacy, copyright, government regulations, and business law affecting media operations.Craig, Online Journalism: Reporting, Writing, and Editing for New Media, First Edition Hilliard, Writing for Television, Radio, and New Media, Ninth Edition Kessler and McDonald, When Words Collide: A Media Writer’s.

Online Journalism: Reporting, Writing, and Editing for New Media (with InfoTrac)

MCM (Reporting and Sub editing) Journalism is a discipline of gathering, writing and reporting news, it also includes the process of editing and presenting the news on print and electronic media. Material written for publication in a newspaper or magazine or for broadcast.

The collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of. Journalism Degree What is Journalism? Lehigh’s undergraduate major in journalism teaches traditional skills of research, reporting, editing and writing, and provides instruction in the practice and principles of digital and social media.

In this newsroom, you will learn reporting, writing, researching and multimedia techniques for all news media platforms, and then dig deeper into how social media (like Twitter, Facebook, blogging), community-centered journalism and.

MASS COMMUNICATION MODULE - 2 Notes Print Media 82 Reporting and Editing The copy of the report has been improved by the editor and is therefore easier. The News Reporting and Editing concentration of the B.A.J.

combines foundational journalism courses with courses focused on various forms of reporting and editing that use writing, photography, video recording, audio recording and graphic design to present truthful and reliable messages to a wide.

Pengertian reporting editing writing and media
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