Pursuassive professional athletes and drug testing

The Bull's Eye

Struggling Daly still one for the books. Gloria KimAsst. The use of performance- enhancing drugs can be traced to the ancient Olympic Games where fame and fortune were rewarded, just as today, for athletic success.

Most player suspensions come from positive tests for weed.

Why Do We Drug Test Athletes For Recreational Drugs?

Speeding is illegal too and it contributes to tens of thousands of deaths a year. WADA also manages the accreditation of laboratories used for collection and analysis and defines the guidelines they must follow. I mean, is that really much worse than drinking 12 beers the night before a round?

Secondly, the results of the mandatory drug testing are not made pursuant to an investigation conducted by law enforcement authorities.

Opponents of mandatory drug testing argue that the collection and testing of urine intrudes upon expectations of privacy that is protected under the Fourth Amendment.

The Athlete

Eating fast food every day probably acts as a performance hindrance as well. Drug abuse in athletes. Drug testing of athletes is becoming common in all sports to one degree or the other.

No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. Even if the result is positive for some players the same will not be turned over to the police for purpose of criminal prosecution.

When an athlete is required to provide a urine sample, the DCO or authorized chaperone must be of the same gender. Additionally, there is confusion as to what drugs should be banned since the spectators themselves could legally purchase certain performance-enhancing training supplements at the local supermarket while the athletes could be punished for using the same supplements.

The Court held that random drug testing was valid since such programs serve a compelling interest in public systems to deter the use of drugs. They are deemed unfair because athletes are responsible for knowing what is banned despite the fact that additions are made almost daily to the list of banned substances.

The DCO or chaperone is responsible for making sure that the sample arrives at the laboratory in a timely manner and is secure during the transport process. It is a good thing that the professional athletes have decided to participate in fighting this problem.

Plenty of athletes have been proved guilty with the aid of drug tests. It must be stressed that the society should not solely blame the athletes for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Athletes are supposed to be role models for the youth. The athlete must also acknowledge the requirement to provide a sample of blood, urine or both.

Fifth Amendment Another constitutional consideration for drug testing of athletes is the Fifth Amendment, which provides: Most forms of what we would call cheating were perfectly acceptable to them, save for game-fixing.

It bears stressing that at the time these athletes sign their contracts, they have been informed of the rules of their own league. Out of all the tests administered, nine 9 resulted in adverse or positive findings.

If the bottles are able to be opened manually, then a new security kit must be chosen. The problem of drug affects not only professional athletes but also celebrities, politicians and even students. But I also with unicorns and the tooth fairy existed too.Inthe first drug testing of athletes occurred at the European Championships.

Two years later, the International Olympic Committee began drug testing at the Summer and Winter Olympics. In the s, many Olympians were disqualified from competition for anabolic steroid use. Drug testing issues in professional sports center on contract and consent issues rather than constitutional issues.[7] National Football League The National Football League prohibits the illegal use of drugs and the abuse of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and alcohol.

Pursuassive: professional athletes and drug testing Essay Athletes often wish to pursue their dreams of winning a medal for their country or being a part of a professional team. This is when many athletes often turn to performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).


Substance Abuse and Professional Sports

Professional organizations should set the standards and athlete rules should be enforced. If you don't create drug standards, the athletes/teams/sponsors will do whatever they can (for better/worse) to win. Drug Testing in Professional and High School Athletics Many people do not see the severity of drug use in professional and High School athletics.

Drug use in professional athletics is looked upon as somewhat of a serious. Drug tests for professional athletes should remain the way they are now or be intensified to confirm that there are not any athletes taking performance enhancing drugs.

The number of drug tests that athletes take should not .

Pursuassive professional athletes and drug testing
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