Quality and safety requirements of the customers ikea essay

The customers often expect home-furnishing products to have the high convenience. Ikea understood that in order to be globally successful, they have to be willing and prepared to make some sacrifices and they should also be ready to listen and learn from the local environment.

Customer opinion surveys and focus groups can help companies understand customer requirements and values IKEA have a user-friendly website from which you can Quality and safety requirements of the customers ikea essay products and prices from shelving to candle sticks.

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The vision and mission statement of Ikea has been able to attract Chinese customers as Ikea adopted a low and affordable cost strategy plan by providing fine quality, well designed products at a discounted price which proved to be a successful one.

Since IKEA applies its universal design for the store layout and facilities, less investment and time is required in hiring new designers for creative ideas and hence it helps reduce the operational costs.

Recently, Ikea cancelled its contracts with Joyme a supplying because they wanted an increase in the contract prices and Ikea declined. Even though its prices were relatively low in Europe and the US, unlike china their prices were considered quite expensive for its consumers.

Essay UK - http: Satisfaction and dissatisfaction information are important because understanding them leads to the right improvements that can create satisfied customers who reward the company with loyalty, repeat business, and positive referrals.

Rmost managers agree that the main reason to pursue quality is to satisfy customers. Multinational corporations MNE and also most Small Business Enterprises SME are beginning to expand their markets and firm production in order to exploit the opportunities these markets have to offer.

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One of the biggest challenges Ikea faced when it first entered the Chinese market was the legal systems and trade barriers.

However, the service quality of the organization does not come from just the quality criteria that it comes up with. To conclude, globalization of markets enables IKEA to reduce its overall cost structure and sell products at a lower price which eventually leads IKEA to a solid sales performances and big profits to gain.

Understanding the importance of customer-driven quality, furnishing department has determined the customer expectations for its products and services. About Ikea Ikea is one of the largest furniture since s and since then, Ikea has successfully expanded into 34 countries and opened up retail stores in Asia, Australia, Europe and the US.

It has 5 universal practices: This is when a business satisfies the needs of its customers without delay. IKEA applies TQM when manufacturing their products such that the output meets the specific high quality and safety requirements of the customers.

That is absolutely true in almost all service industry. Search our thousands of essays: Quality excellence derives from well-designed and well-executed work processes and administrative systems that stress prevention. Creating satisfied customers includes prompt and effective response and solution to their needs and desires as well as building and maintaining good relationships.

Des et al agrees to that point by saying that strategic management is also the various actions and steps which an organization develops in order to create and sustain competitive advantage. According to the case Hill,p. With such high convenience, they can utilize all functions of the products thoroughly.

It has also been able to open new outlets in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, the furnishing department always strives for giving out the high quality home-furnishing products at a low cost Process management Processes that drive the creation of products and services are critical to customer satisfaction and have a large impact on the strategic goals of an organization Evans J.

Economic growth has increased that led to the improvement in the lives of people so that it requires the products and services are given out with the better quality to meet the customer requirements.

The size and scale of its international operation affects the management process because it could be challenging to regulate principles and quality. As a world renowned furniture retailer, IKEA has benefitted a lot from its globalization of market strategy.

Make sure that product design reflects the simple mark. External factors such as a poor economy or recession in the country of operation slows down consumer spending, hence low demand leading to reduced business sales. The IT revolution — from advancements in transportation to telecommunications — has enabled global corporations to offer globally standardized products which are not only innovative, reliable and functional, but also low priced Levitt.

This is why an understanding of quality is still vital to every employee in every organization The results achieved by companies that have embraced quality and performance excellence as basis business principles Firms implementing effective quality and performance excellence approaches improve their business results on measures of income, sales growth, cost control, and growth in employment and total assets Customer-driven quality is fundamental to high-performing organizations.

This gives consumers the sense that IKEA contributes to society and operates for a better course. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The reorder process ensures the quantity of out-of-stock product is reduced, by hastening the arrival of new stock at the occurrence of stock-out or alteration in the sale pattern.

Firstly, globalization of markets has enabled IKEA to reduce the store operational costs and production costs. A company close to its customer knows what the customer wants how the customer uses its products and anticipates needs that the customer may not even be able to express.

This in turn was an opportunity for Ikea not only to get over trade barriers, but to better understand the market by working alongside the other company who had a vast amount of knowledge about the Chinese market and also learned from them.The IKEA website sets out a principled approach in terms of product safety, in particular in relation to the use of chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances.

Particular attention is placed on children’s products which IKEA holds to a “particularly high quality and safety requirements”.

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At IKEA we have a Quality Compliance Standard (GO/NOGO). The Quality Compliance Standard must be implemented in order to become an IKEA supplier. It secures that IKEA suppliers understand and fulfil all IKEA requirements, work efficiently to control the quality and secure compliance of IKEA articles.

Improving Customers Service at IKEA Using Six requirements/feedback from the customer to provide them with the best service. This provides sufficient information about the quality and customer satisfaction levels on services.

As shown in the data collecting section in figure 3 (Appendix. Jun 08,  · IKEA also created what it refers to as "The Business Plan. " This is an organization intent on helping customers improve their everyday life (the IKEA purpose) but it also wants to improve the lives of "the many people" through quality, affordable, valued service and goods.

Quality and safety requirements of the customers IKEA Essay Sample

Particularly, it covers the following: how the company establish and manage customer requirements, secondly how does these customers requirements used for the company’s product and services, then, third covers the operational systems and processes it used in its operation, fourth consists of capacity planning, process layout, and product services/scheduling, inventory and projects were managed in.

IKEA also works closely with external quality control and audit companies who check that IKEA and its suppliers live up to the requirements of the code of conduct.

The low price tag is crucial to the vision IKEA has of creating a better everyday life for many people.

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Quality and safety requirements of the customers ikea essay
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