Should i cite sources in a business plan

Each style you choose will require that you list the author, title, copyright date, publisher and city, issue number, volume, page number and URL if applicable, so be sure to keep track of this information during your research.

It does not need to be cited. Use this method for information taken from reference books. Pick an academic citation style appropriate to your business.

Any source that you use for information can and should be cited including interviews, websites, TV programs, etc.

Citing Sources

If the URL continues to a second line, divide it after a backslash. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Students should select writing topics that are interesting and also lend themselves to academic research.

University of California Press, International Trade Centre Summarizing involves capturing the main idea or reducing a detailed piece to a shorter and more general synopsis. This would also include statistical information which may be familiar information but still requires confirmation.

You must provide parenthetical references in-text citations for quotes, paraphrases, and summaries used within a paper. At the same time, your chosen topic will need a scholarly perspective.

Paraphrase If you rewrite the original text in your own words, you must cite the source. So use their ideas!

The State University of New York was officially established in February of and currently consists of 64 institutions. Publisher, Year of Publication.

How to Cite a Strategic Plan in APA Style

A citation provides enough information to enable a reader to find the same original source material. Use abbreviations where appropriate so the flow of the paper is interrupted as little as possible.

The difference between summarizing and paraphrasing is sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle — do you see the difference?

Examples of the appropriate in-text citations are included for each type of source listed in the sections below.Citing Business Sources Examples have been created using the reference list format in the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition ().

Consult "Recommended Resources" for detailed information and further guidance. Business Plan Research: Citation Sources The University Library owns a variety of print and electronic resources to use when researching your topics.

How to Cite Sources in a Business Plan

The sources listed below are a few core tools to help you begin your research process. A strategic plan is a document that is used to define an organization’s process of achieving a long-term goal. Citing a strategic plan in a research paper can provide support to the argument you're making.

But if you use a strategic plan as a resource in a research paper, you must cite it correctly to give your. Choose a Style.

Business Plan Research: Introduction

There are many options available when deciding how to cite sources in a business plan. The three most common academic citation. It's important to cite sources you used in your research for several reasons: To show your reader you've done proper research by listing sources you used to get your information Citing a source means that you show, within the body of your text, that you took words, ideas, figures, images, etc.

from. Citing Business Sources Guide Contents Citing Business Sources Home Page.

When and Why to Cite Sources

APA: Business Citations. MLA: Business Business Plan Resources. Business Writing & Presenting. Company Research. Country Analysis. Economics.

Citing Business Sources: MLA: Business Citations

If you also cite more than one work by the same government agency.

Should i cite sources in a business plan
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