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Posters are asked to refrain from posting in all caps, abusing others, or asking basic questions addressed in the frequently asked questions page. Link to this page: The Online Journal of Buffy Studies has published essays on the topic quarterly, and it continues to do so. Two Waves of Television and Feminism.

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Since January Slayage: Despite her title, Buffy does not simply slay all vampires and demons; rather, she establishes a set of penalties for certain infringements that vary from the most extreme death to vampires who feed on the living to the relatively mild and necessary werewolves must be locked up during a full moon.

Buffy and Angel are further removed from the typical superhero and linked more with the Foucaultian model in that they are themselves subject to the power which they represent.

Slayage 4 December [1. Though there are no posted rules for the standard board, the community understands that anything with explicit sexual content should be posted to the smut board instead. I was just watching a new episode of Buffy over here in N.

Eliot Comes to Television: In later seasons, his ability to construct non-hierarchical relationships with several of the people who make up the Scooby Gang enables him to participate in the diffused power relations of that community.

Bowling Green State U.

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Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These slash fictions are present for almost every television show, however. Even in the beginning, however, Spike troubles the hierarchical model.

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Thus, when Spike is feminized by others, such as Angelus and Drusilla, he loses power. Badman Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: It does, however, use spoiler warnings, with far greater frequency than Buffy.

Jowett states that reinforcement of stereotypes exists within the show for male characters as well. Spike was trying to have his chip removed, and at the end he had a dream that he loved Buffy, I just thought that it was brilliant! A maudlin Spike, confessing his woman troubles to Joyce, of all people, over a cup of coffee, a goofy-faced Spike, mocking the vampire threat he poses to Joyce behind her back, relishing the alarm he causes the good-again Angel, is a Spike not so far, after all, from the wise guy who first called Sunnydale home.

We learn that his signature black coat is a trophy or at least symbol of the original trophy taken from this dead Slayer.

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Star Trek has a much older and more lucrative brand identity than Buffy. In this paper Wilcox makes the attempt to bring this television show into perspective for us.

American Christianity, Vampires, and Buffy. Stengel Synergy and Smut: Philosophy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They abbreviate the spoiler space, or reply to spoilers without additional spoiler warnings. In this new dynamic that seeks to overthrow the old, we--and Buffy and her gang--are caught in an unresolvable tension about the nature of evil: Badman GreeneRichard and Wayne Yuen.

While the relationship presents no overt homosexuality, the two vampires share a physical closeness unusual in male-male relationships on Buffy. Wilcox be reborn and redeem the land. The same Internet technologies employed by the branded communities to forge synergy can be used by non-affiliated groups with equal success and increased overall competitive advantage for the brand.code of ethics in healthcare management essay loves productive days when you finish reading white papers, plan essays and find more research for dissertation Related Post of Slayage online essays.

Online works. Slayage: The Online International Journal of Whedon Studies - A fully electronic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the scholarly exploration of the creative works of Joss Whedon - especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It is edited by David Lavery and. Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies emerged in stages inthe brainchild of two English professors, David Lavery of Middle Tennessee State University and Rhonda V.

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