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Since water is slow to warm up and cool down, oceans do not become warm enough for tropical cyclones to occur in the spring.

Student essay on hurricanes this eye, a bank of clouds blows, and this is the region of strongest winds. A hurricane must have the exact ingredients of warmth and water vapor to supply its energy. The mechanical energy of a hurricane in a single day is equal to about a six-month supply of electrical energy for the United States.

Did you find our blog post informative? The eye stretches from 10 to 30 miles wide and often contains calm winds, warm temperatures and clear skies. As the winds spiral into the center of the storm, they bring in moist air in bands of precipitation called rainbands.

This is a calm area in the centre of the storm. These storms are also called tropical cyclones in the northern part of the Indian Ocean in the Bay of Bengal and, typhoons in the western area of the North Pacific Ocean in Japan and Korea. Signals of a hurricane can also be seen in the sky.

As the water vapor condenses into rain, 90 percent of the energy is released. This tower is the primary energy cell of a hurricane, where moist heated air moves upward from the ocean surface. What is one of the worst natural disasters known to man. Man can play with them to control their powerful forces or change their direction, but this could bring more bad than good.

The scientists test their vast reserves of energy and probing the complex mysteries of how hurricanes are created and how they become as strong as they do. The Hurricane is by far one of the most disastrous natural occurrences ever experienced. Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones usually turn back in the direction of either the South Pole in the Southern Hemisphere or the North Pole in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Scientists now have the help of satellites, radar, and airplanes and keep close watch over the storms. They are long and narrow and vary in width from 3 miles to as much as 23 miles and the length of these bands may be more than miles.

There has been as many as The US officials have urged the people to stock up food, water, emergency kits and first aid supplies and be aware of the coming Hurricane as it hits the Island of Bahamas on Wednesday.

A hurricane generates an average of l. This is absolutely amazing to think about. When one of these showers becomes organized with its winds making a complete circle around the center, a tropical depression is formed.

Hurricanes were made and stayed undetected for a long time. Then they can grow into a tropical storm, which are winds from 32 to 73 miles per hour. The waves may grow into a tropical depression, which are winds from 1 to 31 miles per hour.Just order a custom written essay on Hurricanes at our website and we will write your essay at affordable prices.

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words essay on Hurricanes for students. Of all of nature’s forces that exist, hurricanes could be considered one of the most powerful of all these forces that can cause tremendous amounts of destruction in a little amount of time.

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Student essay on hurricanes
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