The danube delta tourism strategies for

Foreign transit tourists tend to avoid Romania, as it is widely known for its bad roads. For example, cooking lessons, hunting lessons, medical massage, historical trip learning local culture. However, a positive trend can be seen starting withand with the demand is bigger than the supply.

The second graph reveals the same situation.

The ideas have to go on a larger scale. Most of the Chinese prefer all-inclusive packages because they are afraid of the language barriers that can impose problems during their stay.

Also, in the latest years, no promotion was made to ecotourism, rural tourism and the tourism in the Delta. The research made was enough to answer the chosen problem formulation, but a final outcome can only be estimated.

Being away from the city, losing key personnel means it will be hard to find a replacement, because of the big distance to the city, and the low qualifications of the local workers. It is a natural wonder, housing international protected species of animals, because they risk of becoming extinct.

Men should wear dark colored, conservative business suits. If any problems appear in the implementation process, the NGO should deal with them.

The age structure of the country is as follows: Not having a higher education is a big disadvantage for the managerial staff, because their ways of promoting are very limited. Inwhen Boeing was in serious trouble because aircraft production was coming to a halt, Ryanair pounced and ordered new aircraft at extremely preferential rates.

The NGO will also focus on assisting companies in slowly shifting to become a transformation business, by providing something that lasts a life time. A number of large core areas are well protected through the cross-border Danube Delta Biosphere reserve, and are connected through ecological corridors and surrounded by zones for different kinds and levels of sustainable use.

Problem formulation It is clear the tourism in the Danube Delta is greatly affected from the recession. The scope of this project is to assess the feasibility of different marketing, funding and internal conduct strategies of the NGO.

Tourists losing interest in ecotourism, rural tourism and adventure tourism is a serious threat to be taken into consideration. So the EU has increased its efforts in promoting the tourism growth of the member countries. Revitalised and self-governing natural processes, particularly flooding and natural grazing, will govern landscape formation, driving other natural processes, wildlife comeback, increased biodiversity and the development of a nature-based economy.

Danube Delta

This means tourists are searching for new, cheaper alternatives, which offer an overall better value for money. Treating them too informally, especially in front of their peers, may well ruin a potential deal. Each participant will take an opportunity to dominate the floor for lengthy periods without appearing to say very much of anything that actually contributes to the meeting.

This includes wildlife watching and the sustainable harvesting and marketing of fish and wild meat in the buffer zones of the rewilding area. The region is still underdeveloped with regards to the number of accommodation facilities, and their offered services.Trans-border tourism in the central and lower Danube region to Hungary, the countries in the central and lower Danube • Quality standards for sustainable tourism in the Danube Delta Results DCC activities are geared to the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), the main objective of which is to.

The Romanian Ports on the Danube Valley - An Emergent Tourism Destination ELENA MATEI Faculty of Geography, Human and Economic Geography Department as the Danube Delta, as tourism destination, can be extended from Sulina upstream many of the development strategies of local communities.

the Danube Delta and the Black Sea), History and Culture (associated with castles/fortresses, churches and urban heritage) and Traditions (associated with Rural ECONOMICS & TOURISM. economical strategies of the European Union. The analysis included assessment of water public transportation system and recreational in the Danube Delta; analysis of tourism activities, prioritizing POIs in the area and assess the tourism potential of the sub-areas and movement that aims hierarchy of trails and velocities to.

Strategy for the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve there have been identified eight different zones for tourism and recreation activities in Danube Delta.

The Danube Delta Tourism Strategies for Coping with the Economic Recession

The Danube Delta tourism Strategies for coping with the economic recession Specialization Project by Andrei Beno 4sokf submitted to the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management in accordance with the requirements for the Academy Profession degree under supervision of: Anna HammershoyNo.

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The danube delta tourism strategies for
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