The neo aristotelian criticism english literature essay

Formally trained as an actress, and frequently seen agitating and protesting, Fonda is well trained in the delivery of lines, if not public speaking more specifically.


Other schools of critical theory, including, post-structuralismand deconstructionist theorythe New Historicismand Receptions studies followed. She is interpreting and expressing her vision of the standards of formality that are proscribed for political orators.

We can satisfy at least part of our initial research question with these findings. Bringing our attention to metaphors, we observe that she relies on her meat metaphor from the VMAs to make the logical argument that freedom and equality represent the best about our country — the choicest cut of meat — and it should be equally available to all, according to the Constitution.

Beyond their popularity and initial ethos, celebrities can use traditional rhetorical strategies to achieve persuasion.

New Criticism

Dwayne Alicie Filed under: But is popularity and name recognition enough to change minds? There was an immediate stay on the judgment, keeping the policy in force.

Formalism theory[ edit ] New Criticism developed as a reaction to the older philological and literary history schools of the US North, which, influenced by nineteenth-century German scholarship, focused on the history and meaning of individual words and their relation to foreign and ancient languages, comparative sources, and the biographical circumstances of the authors.

Gaga also bravely wields pathos as a weapon, invoking Matthew Shepard and his murderers. Due to her long history of feminist activism, Fonda likely enjoyed a good reputation with the audience, which would likely would have been extremely receptive to both her and her message.

She outlines arguments for keeping the ban in place, and breaks it down into simpler words her own for the audience. While the latter two are somewhat less important in an age when few rhetors recite their speeches from memory, Neo-Aristotelian theory remains particularly effective for analyzing speech because it builds on classical studies of rhetoric while remaining flexible enough for widespread application and adaptation.

Ultimately, while Fonda is successful in her use of ethos, pathos, and symbolic language, the effectiveness of her rhetoric is undermined by what can only be called failed appeals to logos, as she includes two examples of supposed sympathetic power near the end of her speech that undermine the rhetorical force.

Beyond her play with ethos, Gaga lays out several logical arguments, creating logos. This is especially important and effective in building her argument, because defendants of discriminatory laws seem to distance themselves from accusations that their claims are based in racism, sexism, or here, homophobia.

Examined with the Neo-Aristotelian method of rhetorical analysis, this piece of oratory provides insight into how celebrities leverage their talents beyond fame to create a compelling argument and persuade their audiences. Throughout the speech, Gaga appears confident but not fully polished.

Is it the only tool necessary for Gaga to wield influence over her audiences? After discussing her film career again in the context of the Norwegian healthcare system, Fonda brings up the subject for which she is perhaps most famous aside from her acting career, which is her time spent in Vietnam during the s.

Robert Scott and Bernard Brock. She suggests a new law to send home homophobic soldiers, since she sees them as the ones with the problem. They are all undoubtedly aware of her commitment to the cause, as the media widely covered her actions at the VMAs the week before.

She carefully crafts a traditional feel in this oration, so we will examine her through a traditional paradigm. If there is a malady or an injustice, Bono has spoken to someone somewhere about it — and posed for a picture to prove it. Indeed, some clever individuals even turn the tables and use activism as a vehicle to celebrity instead of the other way around.

On the other hand, the literary appreciation school, which limited itself to pointing out the "beauties" and morally elevating qualities of the text, was disparaged by the New Critics as too subjective and emotional. As mentioned above, however, it seems entirely reasonable to presume that these logical failures did not reflect poorly on Fonda or her speech in the eyes of the audience, because that audience very likely included a number of people willing to believe in these unverified, alternative therapies.

To start off her address, she raises her right hand and repeats the oath that service members take to serve the Constitution of the United States. She emphasizes many of her words with a finger pointed in the air, much like politicians do. In keeping with the Neo-Aristotelian methodology, this article reconstructs the context of the oration, explains the methodology, and applies the methodology to allow insight into the communication process.

Instead, she effectively uses traditional rhetorical strategies, specifically within the canons of invention and delivery.Neo-Aristotelian criticism is the ideal tool with which to approach Fonda's keynote speech, due to the equal focus Neo-Aristotelian theory places on all of the various elements of a rhetorical performance by applying "the five canons of classical rhetoric": invention, organization, style, delivery, and memory (Foss 30).

English Español 한국어 日本語 Writing the final essay Procedure: Using the neo-Aristotelian method of criticism Neo-Aristotelian Criticism and Nixon's "Silent Majority Speech" Critiqued by Forbes Hill By: Kelsey Peachey Aspects of the speech neo-Aristotelian does not critique.

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Aristotelian criticism

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Rhetoric of Religion Crash Course in Rhetorical Criticism and Analysis. A Neo-Aristotelian Analysis of Karlyn Kohrs Campbell’s Women’s Liberation Rhetoric Page 2 of 10 by Eric J.

Roberson preparing to deliver her second essay on the women’s libera tion movement. Communications Essay on Neo Aristotelian Rhetorical Criticism Published on by College Writer Neo- Aristotelian criticism has been said to be the first formal method of rhetorical criticism and was developed in the field of communication.

The neo aristotelian criticism english literature essay
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