The variations on the word love by margaret atwood

Posted by Isabella at. One person can express love for another in many ways, but these words express how dearly the speaker loves this man. The poet may have written this poem for her husband to describe how meaningful it is to her by comparing it to how other people use the word love.

His mind slips away, and he is no longer in this solar system. She wishes they could actually share the same sleep.

Variations On The Word Love - Poem by Margaret Atwood

After having expressed her desire to watch her lover sleep, she goes a little deeper, and wishes that she could enter into his sleep with him. Atwood does not accept this.

The audience have a vivid image in their head when they read "Variations on the Word Love", mostly due to effective use of comparison and word choice. Each are uniquely different as described by the poet.

At first, it may seem that she is speaking of a sexual encounter, but she soon reveals that she is talking about something much deeper than that.

They enter a world that is entirely comprised of their own subconscious, and this speaker desires to enter into the subconscious of another person.

They do not wish to be at the center of it. With the last line of this stanza, she finally explains the real reason for her desire to be with him. This creates a greater interest and puts more force onto the word nothing. Her words on the matter are so moving, that some have even claimed that she changed their lives.

The poet compares the examples and variations on the word love between the first stanza and the second stanza. She knows that he must face it. The audience can most likely relate to some of these variations eg.

She does not give a reason, so that is left to the imagination of the reader. She has written many poems and novels. The way the sentence has been constructed implies that they both rely and depend on each other and are soul mates. This is an ironic part of the poem. The poem describes how love can be interpreted very differently and is symbolic for how we act as humans towards each other.

She longs only to be there for him in his time of need and grief. She is purely interested in helping him. In the second line, the speaker seems to accept that she may never be able to watch this person sleep.

That is why she goes to him while he sleeps and wishes to be with him. These different types include - the romantic, flowery love, the motherly, family love of caring, the friendship love, the deep understanding and connection between two people and the soul mate type of love.

Atwood has successfully used this technique to create more interest in the poem. Her description of her desires allows the reader to see a pure and true heart, one that loves fully without holding back. This poem is more than just a love poem. Thus, she has some authority to speak on matters of love.Atwood's work has been translated into many languages and published in more than twenty-five countries.

Variations on the Word Sleep by Margaret Atwood

Among her numerous honors and awards are a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Molson Award, the Ida Nudel Humanitarian Award, and a Canada Short Fiction Award. In her poem, Variations on the Word Love, Margaret Atwood juxtaposes the connotations and denotations of the word “love” in order to comment on the misrepresentation show more content This, in my opinion, succeeds in cementing the idea that the word “love” is often misappropriated.

Variations On The Word Love by Margaret Atwood. This is a word we use to plug holes with. Its the right size for those warm blanks in speech for those red heart shaped vacancies on the page that/5(2). The theme of the poem “Variations on the Word Love” by Margaret Atwood is that there is a wide range of types of love that are expressed differently.

The poem mainly composes of two parts. Firstly, she explores the word “love” and how widely it is nowadays used. And secondly, Atood related her own personal experience about love. Variations on the Word Sleep by Margaret Atwood gets deep into the mind of the speaker and her desire to be one with the one she loves.

Variation on the Word Sleep

Here's an analysis. Variations on the Word Sleep by Margaret Atwood gets deep into the mind of the speaker and her desire to be one with the one she loves.

There are few ways to describe this kind of love. Jan 12,  · This is a video interpretation of Margaret Atwood's poem "Variation on the word love". I made this for my IOP in IB English.

The variations on the word love by margaret atwood
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